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NuPhy Gem80 Mechanical keyboard Kit

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Color: Cosmic Mocha
Barebone Type: Wired Only

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Please note: This is Keyboard Kit, Switches and Keycaps are not included. 

QMK/VIA Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard

A uncustomary custom keyboard

A custom keyboard, and much more than one. Gem80 packs the wireless performance of a gaming keyboard, a refined thocky sound signature, and an abundance of part choicces into its splendidly polished aluminum chassis, with lots of fun.

  • 5 COLORS
  • QMK/VIA Support
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate 2.4G &  Wired
  • Omni-Mount
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Sidelight South-Facing Backlight


The premiere cuts

It is named Gem, and it is cut, faceted, polished like one. Each Gem80 comes with a high precision CNC-machined 6063 aluminum chassis, treated with 0.090mm zircon sands to produce the refined feel to the touch expected on a custom product. The back of Gem80 meanwhile, is made from thick PC material that makes strong wireless reception possible, and the theme matching color of the inside visible through its polished ridges and satin like grooves, inspired by the crystal order and symmetry of gems.


The word custom acquires whole new meanings when applied to Gem80's sound experience and the process created it. From the density and elasticity of the three poron hollow sound absorbers, to the expansion ratio of the IXPE dampener, from the molecular structure of the sound purifying transparent elastomer, to the anechoic pattern on the silicone sheet, almost every aspect of Gem80's six sound mods is customized and fine tuned to produce sound concentration and purity never before heard on a mass-produced keyboard. It would be more fun though we think, if you can beat us in our own game, and this is why we also build a maximum amount of user customizability into the keyboard.


Omni-Mojo. Top mount, gasket mount, or bottom mount? With the pioneering omni-mount technology, take all the time in the world to find the mount style that suits your sound and feel preference on Gem80, with the complementary gasket & mount kit.


Create keybindings without bounds, transform layouts VIA layers.

Mac, Windows, Linux... you name it.

VIA's key remapping and macro work seamlessly on all major desktop platforms, or any that supports a browser, make it even easier to customize Gem80 to your heart's content.