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NuPhy Gem80 Mechanical Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth keyboard Kit

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Color: Cosmic Mocha

Please note: this is a keyboard kit, switches and keycaps are not included.


A uncustomary custom keyboard

Acustom keyboard, and much more than one. Gem80 packs the wriless performance of a gaming keyboard, a refined thocky sound signature, and an abundance of part choices into tis splendidly polished aluminum chassis, with lots of fun.


The premiere cuts

It is named Gem, and it is cut, faceted, polished like one. Each Gem80 comes with a high precision CNC-machined 6063 aluminum chassis, treated with 0.090mm zircon sands to produce the refined feel to the touch expected on a custom product. The back of Gem80 meanwhile, is made from thick PC material that makes strong wireless reception possible, and the theme matching color of the inside visible through its polished ridges and satin like grooves, inspired by the crystal order and symmetry of gems.


Gem80 colors & choices

More solid than ethereal color ways this time, and more accentuation on the sheen to reflect the gem theme. There is something for the romantics (Inca Rose & Airy Lilac), and the old schoolers too (Cosmic Mocha, which is a bit like peppered beige).

Yes, but your keyboard doesn’t sound like this.

The word ‘custom’ acquires whole new meanings when applied to Gem80’s sound experience and the process created it. From the density and elasticity of the three poron hollow sound absorbers, to the expansion ratio of the IXPE dampener, from the molecular structure of the sound purifying transparent elastomer , to the anechoic pattern on the silicone sheet, almost every aspect of Gem80’s six sound mods is customized and fine tuned to produce sound concentration and purity never before heard on a mass-produced keyboard. It would be more fun though we think, if you can beat us in our own game, and this is why we also build a maximum amount of user customizability into the keyboard.



Top mount, gasket mount, or bottom mount? With the pioneering omni-mount technology, take all the time in the world to find the mount style that suits your sound and feel preference on Gem80, with the complementary gasket & mount kit.


Thock or Clack or Crickets.

A plethora of sound mods for you to experiment or explore, if you get tired of the epic thockiness or for any other reason.

Still a bit off, but not sure how?

Maybe try a plate made from a different material. Other than the default Fr4 plate, we also offer PC, POM, and aluminum alloy constructed switch plates available for order separately.

A new height to reach new heights.

More than 2 years after the release of our nSA low-profile keycaps, and its many imitations have became a thing in the low profile keyboard circle, NuPhy’s first high-profile double-shot PBT keycap set based on similar design rationales is finally ready, and small tweaks are many: a little adjustment to the SA height for more ergonomics, the larger round surface and symmetric design are a nod to the nSA. What is difficult to miss however, even in darkness, are the light emitting homing bars, illuminated by south-facing LEDs they are designed to be just bright enough to help with the guidance without being distractive.


Create keybindings without bounds, transform layouts VIA layers.

It only makes sense to extend the great customizability achieved on Gem80’s hardware to its firmware as well. With the open-source QMK/VIA firmware, its endless key mapping, light customization, and other creative possibilities, our hardware’s potential can be truly realized.


Mac, Windows, Linux...you name it.

VIA's key remapping and macro work seamlessly on all major desktop platforms, or any that supports a browser, make it even easier to customize Gem80 to your heart's content.

Mac-ization at the toggle of a switch.

When it comes to creating a authentic Mac experience, we have always empathized a hardware/software synthetic approach. This is why we have implemented the F3-F6 special feature keys under the Mac mode with VIA, which can be enabled at the toggle of the completely redesigned system switch, now neatly tucked away at the bottom case yet can still be easily reached. We will continue to find more ways to bring values to our Mac users on both the hardware and software.

Two tons of wrist rest options

Acrylic fans get to enjoy the sandbalsted matte finishes, which better complement Gem80's solid feel and look than UV coatings. Throw in some nice walnut, beech and even black-dyed white oak for those desiring a bit extra fancy and style, our most comprehensive selection of Twotone wrist rests has been made available for Gem80.

Twotone wrist rest colors & choices.

Acrylic Twotones share the same theme colors as Gem80, for the hardwoods, there are Umber and Burning Gold to match with walnut and beech's chic appearances.

Bokeh series deskmat

Focus on the screen or the keyboard, the Bokeh deskmat creates a nice out of focus ambience in a color pattern matching your keyboard.

Bokeh deskmats colors & choices.

So familiar, yet so distant that only blurry circles, blending into the background can be made out. The themed color variations of the Bokeh deskmats do not aim to disrupt, nor to detach, but to breath some warm fuzzies on the desktops beneath them.


NuPhy Gem80 Mechanical Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth keyboard Kit

NuPhy Gem80 Mechanical Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth keyboard Kit