Hello everyone, there are indeed many excellently designed kits on the market, making it increasingly challenging for us to innovate. However, driven by our passion for keyboards, we still wanted to showcase some unique design elements. Hence, we initiated this project in 2022. Over the course of more than a year, we iterated, tested and refined repeatedly, ultimately achieving a keyboard kit that satisfies us the most.

The design inspiration comes from the tail lights of the AE86. As a result, we added a car tail light design at the front end of the keyboard - a tail light that can illuminate. This is our W70 KEYBOARD KIT.


  • Layout: 65%+
  • Mounting Styles: Top, Gasket, Suspension (its like a car suspension)
  • Case: 6063 Aluminum, with Anodized, Spray-coated and Electrophoresis
  • PCB: 1.6mm non flex-cut PCB, Hotswap, QMK/VIA support. Stepped Caplock support.
  • 7u spacebar
  • Plate: PC, POM, FR4(Flex-cut), Aluminum (Flex-cut)
  • Dimensions: 341.5mm x 126.9mm
  • Kit Weight: 2.14KG
  • Full hidden Screws
  • Stainless steel and copper weight

  • Two editions:
    Color edition
    Special Color edition


    We have prepared two tyupes of light baffle for the special edition of the W70.
    One made of aluminum with perforations and the other made of semi-transparent acrylic material.


    We tried to work with several factories to test the case color processes, and in the end
    we chose the best one!

    [GB Live] W70 KEYBOARD KIT

    Sale price $609.00
    Edition: Special Edition
    Color: Car tail light

    Group Buy start: May 20, 2024 - June 20, 2024

    Delivery Estimates: The end of July, or Aug 2024

    Limited to 100 Units included all editions. If all 100 units are sold out, we will end the group buy early and immediately begin the colouring process.


    • Top and Bottom Aluminum CNC 6063 Case
    • 1.6mm non flex cut Hot-swap PCB
    • 1.6mm non flex cut Solder PCB (no foam no plate build only)
    • Weight pack (Car tail light version has themed weight)
    • 4 types of plates included PC, POM, FR4, ALU
    • Poron Foam kit
    • RGB LED Strip (pre-installed)
    • RGB LED front PC Baffle (Special edition comes with extra Aluminum Baffle)
    • Screws & Feet
    • 3 types of mounting style accessories. (Top, Gasket, Spring)



    • Typing angle: 5.5 degrees
    • Dimension:  341.5mm x 126.9mm
    • Kit Weight: 2.14kg
    • Support: Top mount, Gasket mount, Spring mount.
    • QMK/VIA support


    Shorty Video about W70 Prototype details:


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    [GB Live] W70 KEYBOARD KIT

    [GB Live] W70 KEYBOARD KIT

    W70 REVIEWS & Videos

    Alexotos' review coming soon the end of MAY

    Please give a bit time for it, Thank you all for supporting our project!