Pre order & Group buy Updates

Last update: June 2nd, 2024
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Updates from New to old

Pre order & Group buy in progress

W70 KEYBOARD KIT (In Production)

Group buy start: May 20th 2024
Group buy end: June 20th 2024
Estimated Shipping Date: The end of July 2024 or Aug
Only Limited units available

Production start: April 1st 2024
Thank you all for your support. We sold out in less than half the time we expected. Therefore, we have decided to start the coloring process ahead of schedule.
Production stage

Keykobo Retro Mixed Lights Keycap set R2 (In Production )

Group buy start: March 26, 2024
Group buy end: April 2nd, 2024
Estimated Shipping Date: Augest 2024

Pre order & Group buy Done

Cheese switch R4 (Done)

Pre order start: May 1st 2024
Delivery Estimate: The end of May

May 5th 2024: Production start
May 20th 2024: On the way to our warehouse.
Due to recent shipping congestion, the delivery time may be delayed by a few days.
All pre-order shipped. Extra available.

Cheese switch R3 (Done)

Preorder start: Feb 20, 2024
Delivery Estimate: The end of March 2024, or earlier

Mar 1, 2024: Production started
Mar 15, 2024: Production finished, Moving to our warehouse.
Mar 25, 2024: Arrived our warehouse, all preorders will be shipped with in a week.
Mar 26, 2024: All preorders shipped. Few Extra available

Cheese switch R2 (Done)

Pre order start: Dec 22, 2023
Pre order end: Dec 27, 2023

Dec 27, 2023: Arrived our Warehouse, Starting ship all orders.
Dec 29, 2023: All order shipped.
Pre order Done

Cheese switch R1 (Done)

Pre order start: Nov 1, 2023
Pre order end: Nov 8, 2023

Nov 12, 2023: Cheese switches start shipping to our warehouse
Nov 20, 2023: Arrived our Warehouse, Starting ship all orders.
Nov 22, 2023: All order shipped.
Pre order Done

Bronze Age Keycap set (Done)

Group buy start: Sep 1, 2023
Group buy end: Oct 1, 2023

Oct 2, 2023: Order placed with designer
Oct 3, 2023: Production started
Oct 15, 2023: Production finished, start shipping to our warehouse.
Oct 30, 2023: Arrived our Warehouse. Starting ship all orders.
Nov 2, 2023: All order shipped.
Group buy Done