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Bronze Age Keycap set

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Keycap Set: Full set

We just ordered more Bronze Keysets, if you would like to have them, please let us know!
They are going to arrive our warehouse around OCT 2023

Material - ABS
Manufacturer-W.P.J studio
Designer-Z+ Studio


What is WDA Profile?

The height of WDA profile is a bit higher than Cherry profile. Moreover, WDA profile uses 6 rows, from R5 to R0. Comparing with Cherry Profile, each row of WDA profile has its own height. Therefore, it provides more ergonomic layout.

Innovative keycap manufacturing process

The Keycaps are manufactured using innovative techniques: Steel plate pad printing, ABS material injection molding, anti-shining and wear-resistant coating, and UV coating.

Pad Printing:   Utilizing steel plate molds for precis and clear printing.

ABS Material injection molding:   Vibrant colors are achieved using ABS material.

Anti-shining and wear-resistant coating:   The keycaps are coated with a protective layer that resists shine and wear. This coating has undergone testing for over six months without any occurrence of shining.

UV coating:   An additional UV coating provides enhanced durability, making the keycaps resistant to sweat and ensuring a smooth feel.

These keycaps offer a fine and smooth ABS texture, vibrant colors, detailed patterns, and multiple layers of protection through the additional coatings. They also provide an improved tactile experience, resistant to shining and offering a smooth feel.

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This is a PREORDER and NO REFUNDS available once the PREORDER has closed. Please consider this before joining. The deskmats will be manufactured at same time, if you are going to order Full keycap set + deskmat combo, you will receive it with your keycap set.

Please be aware that there might be some differences in the color of the keycaps between the rendered image and the actual production.

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Bronze Age Keycap set

Bronze Age Keycap set